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Our Aim

The aim of our site is simple: We want to be the best online directory of Food Foraging Courses in the UK so that people can easily find a Wild Food or Mushroom expert close to them.

Free Listings

Anyone running a Food Foraging Course can be listed on Food Foraging Courses for free.  Later in the year we will be offering premium listings for businesses that really want to stand out but we will always offer the free listings.


In order to put the Food Foraging Courses directory together we have taken information off the internet, this is usually location, name, type of courses and a paragraph or two from the providers website so that their text promotes their business.

Any providers running courses who wish to change the text on the Food Foraging Courses website can email with their preferred text and we will change it asap.


As an online directory Food Foraging Courses are not responsible for the content of providers websites so if their website is not up to date Food Foraging Courses is not liable for any incorrect content.

Likewise the booking of any courses with providers is at the discretion and responsibility of the individual making the booking.  Food Foraging Courses have not verified the credentials of providers listed on this online directory however we thoroughly recommend that you do before booking onto any course as eating Wild Food and Mushrooms can be dangerous.


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