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Foraging in Towns and Country Group

Posted in , , on 8-7-12

Foraging in Towns and Country Group

“Christopher Hope provides a range of exciting and informative wild food and medicine plant foraging walks and courses. They are for anyone with an interest in learning how to find, correctly identify, prepare and use our abundance of wild food and medicine plants. Different courses are available for all tastes and experiences.

By practising the arts and crafts of sustainable foraging, we can slow down our lives; because for one thing, you cannot rush the harvesting of small berries, or more importantly their ripening. On these foraging adventures, Christopher Hope brings you more than 13 years experience of foraging and using wild plants, together with vast practical knowledge, especially of medicinal plants.

These foraging courses help reconnect us to aspects of the lifestyles our hunter-gather ancestors enjoyed. Foraging epitomises naturally grown and locally sourced. Foraging is also a timeless right and is free at the point of need!

These expertly led foraging events are hosted all year round in a number of locations.”

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